Why do my sites all look the same?

Mass Profit Sites are optimized for SEO and for the products you are selling from ClickBank. Unfortunately they are currently not optimized to ‘look’ all that different. Each site you create gets a different article from our pool of articles; with more articles coming every X days (depending on your plan). We also vary the products you are promoting on each site based on what is best in ClickBank at that moment.

We are frequently updating the site templates so to have more headers, more article graphics, and more banners so that they are visually appealing. Keep in mind if you launch multiple sites they may appear the same at first glance; but they probably have different articles, different banners, and different graphics inside the articles; including fresh articles posted on a regular basis to your site.

We’re also adding two more top level domains right now so that you have one per niche (right now some are shared). We’re also working with a great hosting provider to get you a sweet deal on your own hosting package so that you can host your Mass Profit Sites on your own domain.

Keep building your sites and check back often; We’re listening to your ideas and bringing you fresh updates.